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    Jane’s Tuna Salad (and a Vegan Chickpeas version too!)

    My death row meal would be a tuna salad sandwich. Specifically the tuna salad sandwich from Neiman Marcus’s Mermaid Bar Cafe. It’s best ordered as the Mermaid Sampler: one half of a sky high tuna salad sandwich accompanied by a cup of tortilla soup, a fruit cup, potato chips, and an assortment of bean and corn relishes. It’s really retro. It even comes with a weird gelatinous poppy seed jam to dip your fruit in. When I was a kid sometimes my mom would let me and my sister play hooky at and skip school to go get lunch with her at the Mermaid Bar in Northpark Center. We’d all get the Mermaid Sampler and then share a huge slice of cake afterwards, coconut if they had it.  Continue Reading

  • Sur La Table + Thyme & Temp

    Earlier this summer, we were contacted by our friends at Sur La Table with an opportunity to be in their August 2017 catalog focused on our favorite time of year, Fall.…

  • Jeff’s (Vegan) Vegetable Korma

    If there were one particular cuisine I could eat on a daily basis and never get tired of it, Indian food would my choice hands down. It’s been that way since…

  • Aged Cheddar & Thyme Biscuits

    A couple of years ago, I remember Jane posed a question that we’ve since revisited from time to time for fun, “If you could eat one thing as much as you…

  • Chocolatey Date and Fig Granola

    I have a terrible store-bought granola habit I’m trying to break. I’ve tried almost every brand at Whole Foods at this point and they’re all just kind of so-so. Sufficient enough…

  • Basic No Knead Country White Bread

    [Update on January 26, 2017 – Added info about the Dutch Ovens we use to the recipe below. We typically either use a 4 qt round Staub Cocotte or a 5.75 oval Staub Dutch Oven.…