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    Sweet & Floral Rosemary-Cornmeal Shortbread

    We love a small little treat with our coffee or tea in the morning. Just a little something to add some sweetness to our morning routines as we prepare for the workday. Many times, I’ve been the beneficiary of Jane’s biscotti making skills. Other times, it’s her cookies. Lately, I’ve been on a shortbread kick and I felt it was the perfect way for me to bring something to the table. Enter Jane Hornby’s What To Bake & How To Bake It.  The photos and instructions provided for her shortbread recipe were the perfect helping hand. Continue Reading

  • KalePestoFarro_Hands

    Quick & Easy Kale-Basil Pesto Farro Salad

    My favorite section on every picnic table is always the space dedicated to all the cold salads. Sure, the hot dogs and burgers may end up taking the lead spot on my plate,…

  • BBQSandwich_Featured

    My Mom’s Brown Sugar BBQ Beef Sandwiches

    Earlier this year, we posted a recipe based on my mother’s meat loaf with a little backstory on how it held a special place on the family’s short list of favorite meals.…

  • MushroomQuiche_Served

    Sky High Mushroom-Pancetta Quiche

    Over the past two weeks, Jane and I have embarked on quite a pie baking quest that has certainly had its ups and downs.  However, through all those challenges and successes…

  • SummerPlumPie_Slice

    Summer Plum Galette

    I love non-recipe recipes, and this is one of them. This “recipe” is more of a suggestion of how to make the most out of the abundance of summer stone fruit…

  • headstart01

    The Head Start Cocktail

    Jane and I like a good cocktail to cap off the day.  We also like to get our days started with a fresh cup of espresso or cappuccino. When you have a hoard of…