As much as we love food, we are just as passionate about music. That’s not to say we always like the same music as we each have our individual preferences and tastes. Jane has a long standing interest in Japanese synth-pop and cosmic disco. I grew up listening to classic soul, 60s psychedelia, and Delta blues. However, we love finding common ground in each others music and turning each other on to a new thing.

Any time we plan to throw a party, we spend days working on a playlist assembled to capture not only the mood, but also the length of a night that will likely be much longer than we anticipate. (As tends to happen when people throw parties) Even on quiet nights at home, we spend most of them sharing cocktails and trading LPs and 45s on the record player.

It’s with the above sentiment that we wanted a place to share our favorites with our readers as well.  Please stay tuned!

current playlist

cooking with thyme & temp,

volume 01

01. Chica Chica Bongo / Elli & Jacno
02. L’Éléphant / Tom Tom Club
03. Rip It Up / Orange Juice
04. Spring / Saint Etienne
05. Sage Comme Une Image / Lio
06. Fire / Ruins
07. Situation / Yazoo
08. My Soul Unwraps Tonight / Savage Progress
09. Mystery Man / Clive Stevens & Brainchild
10. Commuter Fantasy / Pedestrians
11. I Heard It Through The Grapevine / The Slits
12. On The Road Again / Rockets
13. Work for Love / Ministry
14. Celebrate / Simple Minds
15. Straight To Hell / The Clash





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