It’s Welsh Rarebit for Breakfast!

    Welsh Rarebit is a traditional dish of toasted bread topped with a cheese sauce tracing its roots back to 18th century Britain. Jump straight to recipe below

    Time and time again, Jane and I prove to ourselves that despite our tastes for a wide variety of cuisines and the food cultures that inspire them, we find that our biggest inspirations generally strike while dining at the bar in a cocktail lounge or pub. There’s just that element of warmth and coziness being served alongside every meal that speaks to the very essence of what it means to be a comfort food. From the fried biscuits we enjoyed at Death & Company to the pork pie at Blind Butcher, they just stick with us, motivating us to rush home to see if we can make something similar for ourselves. Continue Reading

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    Over the past two weeks, Jane and I have embarked on quite a pie baking quest that has certainly had its ups and downs.  However, through all those challenges and successes…

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