For the past several months, we have been working on a full redesign of Thyme & Temp. As they do in life, our goals have changed significantly since our initial launch date . When we originally went live back in the summer of 2014, our needs were simple.  Thyme & Temp was merely a hobby for the both of us. We loved cooking together and we wanted to share the experience with our readers.  Since then, our readership has grown and the limitations of the initial design were keeping us from expanding.  So we are very excited to introduce the new design today and we look forward utilizing its new looks and features to their fullest.

Some of the highlights are as follows…


The new layout really maximizes space by going with a more widescreen format.  The photos are bigger and feature more prominently on the homepage and in every post.  No more sidebar content pushing our photos to the side.


Recipes are receiving the same treatment.  They are now laid out more cleanly with larger and clearer type.  Now when you click on the print option, a full page pdf pops up separately in a new browser window for either viewing or printing in a similar clean format.


This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. A lot of our correspondence over the past two years have revolved around the cookbooks we’re reading and our favorite cookware and kitchen gadgets.  We really wanted to a place to provide our recommendations and for it to be constantly updated with our new finds.  We spend a lot of time reading through and learning from our ever-growing collection of cookbooks.  We’ve learned so much from the recommendations of other writers and cook we admire, we wanted to do the same here.


We love making playlists and we’ve been wanting to add them to the site since the beginning. It’s going to be so much fun building out more music mixes.


Sometimes it’s the tip provided in the comment section of a recipe that can really improve the dish. The community of food bloggers and readers is full of some serious cooks and it’s always great to read about their experience. We look forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions and how the recipe went for you!

Thank you all again for you time and readership for the past two years.  We are extremely grateful and we can’t wait to continue.



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