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    For the past several months, we have been working on a full redesign of Thyme & Temp. As they do in life, our goals have changed significantly since our initial launch date . When we originally went live back in the summer of 2014, our needs were simple.  Thyme & Temp was merely a hobby for the both of us. We loved cooking together and we wanted to share the experience with our readers.  Since then, our readership has grown and the limitations of the initial design were keeping us from expanding.  So we are very excited to introduce the new design today and we look forward utilizing its new looks and features to their fullest.

    Some of the highlights are as follows… Continue Reading

  • Music

    As much as we love food, we are just as passionate about music. That’s not to say we always like the same music as we each have our individual preferences and tastes.…

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    We’re asked quite often about our kitchen essentials, and the appliances and tools we rely on almost every day. Here’s a list of our favorites that we can’t seem to live…