Thanksgiving 2014

Happy December, Everyone!  We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and the rest of your holiday season is off to a great start. We definitely wanted to do this post sooner but realistically it wasn’t going to happen until now. Jeff and I have been busy moving into a wonderful new home and we were quickly reminded that moving is not fun.  However, we are pretty stoked about our new kitchen. Thyme & Temp’s previous headquarters hold many fond memories but its amazing how quickly those can fade when you’re surrounded by brand new appliances.

In the midst of the moving madness, Thanksgiving happened and we happily took advantage of the time off to celebrate. Ours was held at my mom’s house and between me, Jeff, my sister Carol, and my mom….we cooked up quite a feast! Punch was flowing and Jeff’s turkey was gobbled up. I made wonderful dinner rolls, and a horrifying pumpkin pie. Carol saved the day with an incredible chocolate pecan pie that we sleepily enjoyed around the fire after dinner. It was too pretty not to photograph and commemorate for all time.

A lot of these were barely even recipes. Everyone has their own way of doing Thanksgiving staples (i.e. brussel sprouts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and green beans). We did branch out and try some new things, and fortunately with much success. Below are links to some of the recipes we tried and loved this Thanskgiving!
Punch: Apple Rye Punch from Food52 (pro tip: DEFINITELY do a punch bowl at Thanksgiving and definitely try this recipe, it was a massive hit and felt festive)
PieChocolate Pecan Pie from Back in the Day Bakery

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    December 21, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    […] roundup our recipes this year and more photos of our Thanksgiving food spread, go to our food blog Thyme and Temp! We’ve got pointers on the best holiday punch, the most wonderful no-knead dinner rolls in […]

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