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    Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with
    Dulce de Leche & Salted Pecans

    It certainly goes without saying that ice cream and summer are the perfect match. With so many recipes floating around the web and popping up on social media, we couldn’t help but be inspired and try one of our own. Ice cream has always been something I find extremely easy to buy and gobble up, but despite receiving an ice cream attachment for the Kitchen Aid years ago, I’ve regretfully found it difficult to use it enough. It was time to change that around! Continue Reading

  • Quick & Easy Kale-Basil Pesto Farro Salad

    My favorite section on every picnic table is always the space dedicated to all the cold salads. Sure, the hot dogs and burgers may end up taking the lead spot on my plate,…

  • My Mom’s Brown Sugar BBQ Beef Sandwiches

    Earlier this year, we posted a recipe based on my mother’s meat loaf with a little backstory on how it held a special place on the family’s short list of favorite meals.…

  • Summer Plum Galette

    I love non-recipe recipes, and this is one of them. This “recipe” is more of a suggestion of how to make the most out of the abundance of summer stone fruit…