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    Smoky Roasted Tomato Soup

    I’ve spent most of my life truly disliking tomato soup. I can remember so vividly being served a bowl as a child during school lunch and having a really unpleasant reaction in front of my classmates. The taste, or lack thereof, and that moment still sticks with me today. Over the years, I’ve managed to try it time and time again, and although the reaction was not as severe, the memory still lingered. Eventually, I just settled on the fact that a taste for tomato soup was just something I would never develop.

    During this past holiday season, though, it really started to bother me for some reason. Every time I would see a photo of someone enjoying a warm bowl with a sandwich on the side, it looked like the perfect comfort meal for lunch on a cold winter day. Why can’t I seem to enjoy something that is  similar to so many other things I love? After all, I love tomatoes of all varieties. I love them whether they are fresh off the vine or roasted, thrown in a salad, used to create marinara sauce or salsa. I’ve even loved a few desserts using tomatoes. With all that in mind, how could I not like tomato soup?  I finally decided to spend some time discovering that answer was relatively easy to find. Continue Reading