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    Basic No Knead Country White Bread

    [Update on January 26, 2017 – Added info about the Dutch Ovens we use to the recipe belowWe typically either use a 4 qt round Staub Cocotte or a 5.75 oval Staub Dutch Oven. Any Dutch Oven with a lid within those sizes will do.]

    I have been making this no knead country white bread so often over the past year that it’s almost become habit. By the time 6pm rolls around on a Friday evening, Jane and I are already grabbing the mixing bowl and flour so that we can bake fresh bread on Saturday morning. By mid Saturday morning, the house is filled with that warm, comforting aroma of baked bread and we’re jumping at the chance to serve it up toasted with a little butter and jam. Sometimes we make two loaves so we can have bread for the next few days. Continue Reading