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    Chocolatey Date and Fig Granola

    I have a terrible store-bought granola habit I’m trying to break. I’ve tried almost every brand at Whole Foods at this point and they’re all just kind of so-so. Sufficient enough as a snack but a far cry from the crunchy goodness of the homemade variety. Early morning to mid afternoons have been so busy for us lately that I often don’t get to eat breakfast or lunch until late. If I get the time in the morning, I’ll have a bowl of yogurt drizzled with almond butter and topped with granola. The lackluster store-bought granola can make this snack feel like a chore to eat. Yet out of sheer laziness, I keep going back to them. Finally this week, I put my foot down. No more crappy expensive granola! I wanted to make my dream granola. The perfect combination of all the things I love. Continue Reading