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    The Kentuckiano Cocktail

    Our first preference when dining at a restaurant, whether in town or out, is to always sit at the bar.  Sitting at the bar has many advantages and the first is being convenient. We’ve always had a bit of luck with arriving at a restaurant that normally seats either through a long wait list or reservations.  If you time it right, finding a seat at the bar can circumvent that delay.  Even if the bar is full, most people are waiting for a table and will be called away at any moment.

    Secondly, sitting at the bar allows for more intimate conversation. You’re sitting closely side by side without the sonic cloud of being placed in a small room surrounded by people sitting at tables talking over each other lofting above you. Continue Reading

  • Thyme & Temp Boulevardier

    Jeff and I are both enthusiastic home bartenders, and both of us favor classic cocktails of the brown, strong, and stirred variety. The Boulevardier is one of the most recurrent cocktails…

  • The Chartreuse Smash, for any Season

    Jeff and I are lovers of all things Chartreuse. Chartreuse is a green spicy, floral liquor that one might call an acquired taste. Assertive, slightly medicinal, and potent on its own,…