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    The Chartreuse Smash, for any Season

    Chartreuse Smash
    Jeff and I are lovers of all things Chartreuse. Chartreuse is a green spicy, floral liquor that one might call an acquired taste. Assertive, slightly medicinal, and potent on its own, a shot of Chartreuse is my night cap of choice. Lately we’ve been showing our favorite liqueur a little extra love by making a citrusy minty smash with it. It is a simple way to showcase all of Chartreuse’s most magical and complex attributes. This cocktail is particularly suited to hot nights and cool breezes, but we’ve become so fond of them that I don’t see us retiring our Chartreuse Smashes this winter. They’re Jeff’s special favorite, he has proclaimed it “the best drink I make”. I kind of have to agree. I encourage you to try it, your friends will thank you! Continue Reading