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    Good Ol’ Plain Vanilla White Cake

    Some days you just want cake, and for me, those days are plenty. In the wonderfully tasty and imaginative world of baked goods, nothing satisfies my sweet tooth cravings like two layers of vanilla white cake and whatever you want to throw on it. Well, maybe a third layer of delicious vanilla white cake with whatever you want to throw on it.  That could seem boring to some but to me it’s the perfect canvas for so many flavors and fillings, icings and toppings.

    I’ve recently decided that its time that I step up my cake game.  To be honest, I’ve never been really good at making cakes and that’s disappointing to me considering how much I love it. Jane recently asked me what would be the one dish that I wish I could perfect and I simply answered cake.  I’m not sure she believed me. Continue Reading