Moroccan Spiced Cauliflower-Carrot Salad

    Here is a recipe you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram stories. A crunchy, flavorful chopped grain salad is one of my favorite things to prepare to get me through the week and this variation might be my favorite one I’ve made yet.

    We’ve had days on end of wet foggy weather here in Dallas. With weather like this I love to be holed up in the kitchen, mindlessly chopping vegetables, and listening to a podcast. I’ve tried tons of new recipes lately, but this salad stands out as a dish worth repeating many times over. I roast half of the cauliflower for this recipe and rice the other half, which makes for amazing depth of flavor and an interesting variation in texture. The carrots caramelize in the oven thanks to a touch of honey before roasting. The earthy flavor of the quinoa and vegetables is wonderfully offset by the bright lemony dressing and a handful of chopped mint. This is a hearty salad on its own, but I have been serving it alongside soft boiled eggs and steamed kale massaged with tahini and lemon for a nutritious filling meal. I had this as my food-on-the-go last week packed in a pyrex container and it was the perfect portable lunch! Continue Reading

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