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chicken salad

    Roasted Beets & Sweet Potato Chicken Salad


    There have been a few teasing mornings here in Texas lately when the temperature dipped below 70. Downright chilly, almost (hah!). It’s not enough to send me into full pumpkin spice mode yet. For now I’ll stick with the humble sweet potato. We go through sweet potatoes like crazy in our house. There is always a container in the fridge containing either roasted whole sweet potatoes, or a cubed medley of them mixed with red onions and beets. Sometimes I get crazy and use them in waffle batter, or my morning frittata.  Continue Reading

  • Smoky Roasted Tomato Soup

    I’ve spent most of my life truly disliking tomato soup. I can remember so vividly being served a bowl as a child during school lunch and having a really unpleasant reaction…